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Support and service
  • Professional mining machine distribution, purchasing, recycling

    With ants, Shenma, core, Avalon and other manufacturers first-level channels

  • Professional mine construction, mobile mining custom

    Professionals who have worked for decades have escorted your investment

  • Mine maintenance, inspection, transportation clearance

    Maintenance main attack ants, Shenma mining machine, quality overseas customs clearance channels

  • Professional mining machine hosting, mine operation and maintenance

    During the wet season, the electricity price was as low as 0.24 yuan, and the annual net power was as low as 0.36 yuan.

1.We provide half year warranty for battery, 3 months for clearomizer.

2.If the product is defective, please notify us within 3 days of delivery all products must be returned on their original condition in order to quality for exchange of goods.

3.Buyer is responsible for shipping cost of returning, seller is responsible for shipping cost of resending.